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List of the Best Feminized Seeds

List of the Best Feminized Seeds

Whether you’re growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, buying feminized seeds allows you a sense of reassurance that non-feminized seeds simply don’t. But, what are the best feminized seeds to buy, and where from?

Below, we’ve listed our top ten best feminized seeds of 2023 for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the highest yielding feminized seeds or the ones that will produce the tastiest buds, we’ve got you covered. 

What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds? 

In case you aren’t familiar, feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that have been bred specially to produce female plants exclusively.

In the world of cannabis cultivation, female marijuana plants are much more highly sought after. This is because female plants are the only types of cannabis plants that produce the resinous buds we all know and love (and smoke).

Male cannabis plants, on the other hand, do not produce buds at all. Instead, they grow something called pollen sacs, and these pollen sacs don’t provide medicinal or recreational value the way that buds do.

In fact, male cannabis plants’ pollen sacs can actually work to contaminate female cannabis plants, causing the plant to produce seeds — and this isn’t an enjoyable outcome for most growers.

To create feminized cannabis seeds, then, the marijuana seeds themselves are curated through a specific breeding process that manipulates the plant’s genetics to ensure it will only produce female plants.

When you buy the best feminized marijuana seeds, you don’t have to worry (as much) about accidentally growing male plants that can affect your yield. Instead, you can grow with confidence, saving yourself precious time and money knowing you have only female cannabis seeds.

Characteristics of the Best Feminized Seeds for Indoor Growing

If you purchase cannabis seeds, you may find that some are meant specifically for outdoor growing, while others are made for indoor. Indoor cannabis seeds, for example, are bred with special attributes in order to help them thrive in indoor grow setups.

If you’re looking to buy the best feminized seeds for indoor growing, here are some important characteristics to look out for: 

  1. Size and Structure: When growing indoors, you want to make sure your plants aren’t too tall or bushy, taking up precious space and light. Instead, you should opt for feminized cannabis seeds that produce compact, manageable plants. Plants that don’t grow too tall or branch excessively will make it easier to control the growing environment overall. 
  2. Short Flowering Time: Indoor growers tend to prefer strains that flower quickly, as this allows for faster turnovers and more frequent harvests. Thus, finding feminized seeds for indoor growing with shorter flowering times can be signs of a good seed.
  3. Consistent Growth Patterns: The best feminized seeds for indoor growing are going to demonstrate consistent growth patterns that make managing your lighting, temperature, and overall plant health a bit easier. 

When you find feminized cannabis seeds for indoor growing that demonstrate these qualities, you’re going to have a much higher chance of experiencing a successful yield.  

Characteristics of the Best Feminized Seeds for Outdoor Growing 

We’ve talked about the characteristics of the best feminized seeds for indoor growing, but what about outdoor?

The best feminized seeds for outdoor growing are going to exhibit some of the same properties as those for indoor growing, while also offering some unique ones.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of quality cannabis seeds to grow outdoors: 

  1. Resistance to Pests and Mold: Since you’re growing your cannabis plants outside, you want to make sure you get seeds that have a higher resistance to pests and mold than others. This will help ensure that environmental factors such as pests, diseases, and even weather conditions don’t ruin your grow easily. 
  2. Climate Suitability: When you grow your plants under the mercy of Mother Nature, you have to make sure you have seeds that are suitable for the climate you’re growing them in. Consider factors like temperature, humidity, and overall weather patterns; some strains are more resilient to things like colder climates, while others excel in warm ones. 
  3. Size and Structure: Growing cannabis outside allows for larger plants and more room to spread out. You don’t have to worry about finding seeds that are going to produce small, compact plants unless you’re seeking that specifically. 

So, whether you’re interested in growing indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of ways to find the best feminized weed seeds around. After all, we have myriad quality cannabis seeds available every day.

Top 10 Best Feminized Seeds of 2023

Below, we’ve curated a list of the best feminized cannabis seeds for you to enhance your yield this year. Whether you're looking for the best feminized marijuana seeds or female weed seeds for outdoor growing specifically, our selection is full of the best cannabis seeds to pick from.

10. Auto Glu CBD Seeds

If you’re looking for the best autoflowering feminized seeds, Auto Glu CBD seeds may be the right choice for you. These CBD seeds offer a strong smell of lady perfume combined with notes of the California Redwood trees to create a unique yet appealing balance of aromas.

These seeds sprout deep purple buds with a more stout structure; in general, these plants won’t require trellis or staking, making them great for anyone growing in less spacious environments.

With parent strains Auto Alpha and Purple Thai, these CBD-dominant seeds are easily some of the best autoflowering feminized seeds on the market today.   

9. Ultra Pink CBD Seeds

Trilogene’s Ultra Pink CBD seeds are going to be some of the tastiest you grow in a long time. The Ultra Pink strain produces a distinct aroma of bubblegum and dried mango fruit, making your mouth water with just a simple whiff.

The buds from these CBD seeds are going to be purple with slightly lime-green fan leaves. They tend to produce a high amount of resin, which is great for farmers seeking potent options for their experienced smokers.

Overall, the Ultra Pink CBD seeds are going to be great for indoor growers both for their size and style. Made from one of the best CBD:THC ratio phenotypes that Trilogene Seeds has, the Ultra Pink will not disappoint. 

8. Superwoman S1 Hemp Seeds

The Superwoman S1 Hemp Seeds are one of the most popular types of hemp seeds you can buy today — and their available right on Trilogene Seed’s website. This strain has been around since 2017, but it’s more sought after today than ever before.

The Superwoman S1 female weed seeds emit a unique funk of sweet cherries, cheese, and garlic pepper, making it a novel strain to puff on. We often describe the strain as having a flavor profile reminiscent of grenadine and parmesan-covered cherries.

This strain, in particular, tends to create quite high CBD levels post-harvest, making it great for farmers who have buyers seeking more potent results. As a balanced hybrid, these feminized marijuana seeds are great for everyone.   

7. Orange Sunrise CBD Seeds

Looking for the best feminized indica seeds to grow? Then our Orange Sunrise CBD seeds are the way to go.

These CBD-dominant female cannabis seeds are known for their earthy yet sweet notes, as well as dark purple bud structure when grown. (You may also find some flashes of yellow and orange hairs if you look hard enough, too.)

Many people describe the Orange Sunrise CBD seeds as having an “OG-Kush-like” result, creating heavy body relaxation and decompression. With the growing space these seeds need (4x4), they may be best for outdoor setups. 

6. Red Robin Hemp Seeds

The Red Robin Hemp Seeds are some of the best feminized cannabis seeds available today. This garlic-pepper-esque strain creates a unique flavor profile of cherries and pine, as well as strong hints of fresh compost.

These Red Robin Hemp female cannabis seeds grow large plants. It’s not uncommon for these plants to top 12 feet or higher, making them best suited for outdoor growing or within a greenhouse — somewhere with enough space for these towering beauties.

In general, these feminized marijuana seeds are known to be fast-growing and large, and with their unique flavor and aroma, your Red Robin hemp plants are sure to be popular. They're easily one of the best feminized cannabis strains around.

5. Sweet Rainbow CBD Seeds

The Sweet Rainbow CBD Seeds that we offer here at Trilogene Seeds are a wonderfully balanced CBD-dominant hybrid option perfect for new growers.

These feminized marijuana seeds tend to produce grape-like flavors and aromas, with hints of raisins and blueberries on top of it all. Just as the name suggests, the Sweet Rainbow CBD seeds grow up to produce plants with rainbow-like colors, expressing various shades.

As a whole, these CBD seeds tend to be quite easy to grow, as well as incredibly colorful, making them a lovely choice for newer growers or anyone wanting to add a little spice to their garden. 

4. CBG Limonene Hemp Seeds

It may be somewhat easy to come across some high-quality CBD cannabis seeds, but what about the best feminized CBG seeds on the market? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered there, too.

Our CBG Limonene Hemp Seeds are a CBG-dominant strain created from parents CBGambit and Unknown CBG Clone S1. Together, they created a strain that has a skunky yet sweet flavor profile, with a light green, crystal-coated appearance.

It’s worth noting that this CBG strain can hold up quite well within high winds, making it a good choice for outdoor growers who may live in slightly more adverse climates. It has a generally more bushy growth habit and nice large fan leaves.  

3. Super Freak Hemp Seeds

We can’t talk about the best feminized cannabis seeds without talking about Super Freak. The Super Freak Hemp Seeds are a CBD-dominant strain known for their nearly pancake-like taste and aroma. Seriously: these seeds taste like maple syrup-coated pancakes with notes of blackberries — yum.

In general, the Super Freak Hemp Seeds have quite a uniform appearance and grow well in various microclimates, making them a pretty versatile seed option. These seeds are also known for being pretty stable, so if you’re newer to cultivation, these may be a good option.

You can easily grow our Super Freak Hemp Seeds either indoors or outdoors; it just depends on what you prefer most.  

2. Vendetta CBD Seeds 

Our Vendetta CBD seeds may be some of the most unique, best feminized cannabis seeds available today. These seeds are actually CBDV-dominant, with a 99+% feminization rate and 90+% germination rate. This means that you can purchase these seeds with complete confidence.

The Vendetta CBD seeds have a unique flavor profile and aroma of cherries and diesel, with quite strong floral notes post-puff. The flowers themselves tend to be very dense and full of resin.

As a whole, Vendetta CBD seeds tend to grow — and flower — at rapid rates, creating a significant flower production with each harvest, making is one of the highest yielding feminized seeds on this list.

Truly, what more could you look for when seeking the best feminized cannabis seeds?

1. CBGambit Hemp Seeds 

If you’re looking for high-quality CBG-dominant cannabis seeds, the CBGambit Hemp Seeds are perfect for you. These cannabis seeds have a mild earthy aroma with hints of pine nuts and black pepper.

These marijuana seeds tend to produce plants with a very high amount of trichomes, creating quite frosty strains. The high trichome amount makes this strain well-suited for CBG extracts or top-shelf flower.

You’ll find high levels of both CBDa and CBCa alongside the dominant CBG cannabinoid inside. With close to 20% of CBG in every plant, you’ll be happily surprised by this heavy-hitting feminized strain. 

Finding Your Favorite Feminized Seeds With Trilogene Seeds

Here at Trilogene Seeds, we’re happy to provide you with a huge selection of some of the best female weed seeds on the market.

Whether you’re looking for autoflower, photoperiod, feminized, or something completely different, our online seed bank is always packed with everything you (and your garden) need -- especially feminized marijuana seeds.

The next time you’re wanting to buy the best feminized cannabis seeds available, turn to our online store and start shopping from our top ten list today.

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What are the highest-yielding feminized seeds?

For growing indoors, the following varieties of cannabis are best suited – Ultra Pink, Rosella, Sweet Rainbow, and CBG Limonene. And for outdoor cultivation, these varieties of marijuana will produce the most significant yield - CBGambit, Auto Glu, Orange Sunrise, Red Robin, and Super Freak.

How long do feminized seeds take to flower?

Growing indoors may take less time – about 6-8 weeks. If your seed is also auto-flower and grows indoors, it may take 3-4 weeks. Growing seeds outdoors can take 4-5 weeks.

Is it worth buying feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are more predictable, reliable, and yield more than regular seeds. It is particularly well suited for commercial cultivation on a large scale to create cannabis products.

Are feminized seeds harder to grow?

Definitely not. On the contrary, feminized seeds are easier to grow, especially if they are auto-flower. This is our recommendation for beginners – start with feminized auto-flower seeds. This will bring you a great harvest and does not require much effort.


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