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Tips and Tricks for Growing Weed Easily: Excellent Results With Minimal Effort

Tips and Tricks for Growing Weed Easily: Excellent Results With Minimal Effort

As much as we’d love to say that growing cannabis is effortless, that simply wouldn’t be the truth. Instead, understanding the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation can time, as well as some trial and error before it’s done correctly.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can learn how to grow weed easy, and even how to grow weed fast if time’s an issue.

Below, we’ve come up with ten tips and tricks for you to learn how to grow weed easy, fast, and efficiently. 

Is It Easy to Grow Weed? 

If you know what you’re doing and have had some practice, it can be easy to grow weed. However, for beginners, the plant may pose complexities that growers might not be prepared for.

It isn’t super easy to grow weed, simply because it’s a complex plant. Cannabis cannot grow in every corner of the globe, and it requires specific environments in order for it to thrive. 

While it is resilient, cannabis plants demand attention, care, and a deep understanding of its life cycle in order to produce an optimal yield. There are even types of cannabis plants that you may grow that won’t end up being effective at all (like male plants).

Because of these barriers, you do have to take the time to ensure that you have everything you need and more for your setup before you actually start the cultivation process. 

But, with the proper guidance, patience, and practice, practically anyone can cultivate a successful cannabis crop — especially when you utilize the tips and tricks we’ve provided below. 

Best Way to Grow Marijuana: Ten Tips and Tricks

So, do you want to know the best way to grow marijuana? The actual methodologies to growing cannabis your ideal way is going to vary based on preferences and circumstances, but we can give you several helpful tips and tricks to help you learn how to grow your own cannabis, as easily and quickly as possible.

Let’s get into these top ten tricks for learning how to grow weed easy. 

1: Consider the Right Seeds 

Many people take the time to consider what kind of strain they want to produce from their plants; however, not everyone considers what type of seed they want to grow.

If you’re hoping to produce the quickest turnarounds possible, then using autoflowering seeds is going to be the best way to grow marijuana quickly.

Autoflowering cannabis plants automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without the assistance at least eight hours of light exposure. Typical seeds (also known as “photoperiod” cannabis seeds) begin to flower based on the changing of the seasons, making it a lengthy, slightly pain-staking process.

On the flip side, autoflowering seeds may produce a harvest after just 7-10 weeks, allowing you to experience multiple harvests per year.

To boost efficiency even more when growing indoors, you can also opt for feminized weed seeds. Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that are guaranteed to produce female plants.

Female cannabis plants are the ones that produce the buds people utilize for smoking and other products, while male plants simply don’t. In fact, male plants can actually pollinate female plants, making them less desirable.

Thus, buying feminized marijuana seeds cuts out the middleman of worrying about sex. Instead, you know you’re buying female weed seeds that you can rely on.   

2: Pick an Ideal Space 

Along with determining your ideal cannabis seeds, it’s best to pick an ideal space for growing cannabis garden before ever getting started.

First, you need to determine if you want an indoor or outdoor grow space. If you have plenty of outdoor space, or happen to have a garden or a greenhouse, outdoor setups may be best. 

But, if you don’t have a lot of space outdoors, are worried about privacy, or just want a small setup at first, growing your plants inside in places like a closet or spare room will be ideal. 

Keep in mind that your marijuana plants are going to need to be in a controlled environment that has plenty of access to light, good air circulation, and security — from both pests and unwanted visitors. 

3: Rely on Feminized Marijuana Seeds Only

We briefly mentioned this above, but if you’re interested in learning the easiest way to grow marijuana, feminized seeds are key.

Relying on feminized weed seeds means you don’t have to worry about accidentally spending time and money on cultivating male plants.

Instead, you can rest assured that you’re cultivating female plants that produce the quality buds that you and your customers seek the most.

And while they aren’t the standard cannabis seed, feminized marijuana seeds are plenty easy to come by. Trilogene Seeds offers a huge selection of high-quality feminized cannabis seeds you can rely on to promote a better, faster way to grow weed. 

4. Using High-Quality Soil 

Soil quality impacts the healthy growth of your plants significantly. If you take the time to buy quality seeds but don’t give them proper nutrient-rich soil, you’re not going to have much success with your grow.

Instead, you want to make sure you’re utilizing high-quality, nutrient-rich soil that gives your plants the nourishment they need to grow strong and be the healthy plants you deserve.

Good soil will come pre-packed with nutrients your marijuana plant needs; you just have to do some research to better understand which soil mediums are best for these purposes. 

Even though it will cost you more money to buy high-quality soil than low-quality, it is going to be more than worth it in the long run when your plants grow up with the nutrients they require. 

5. Research Proper Lighting 

When you're growing weed indoors, giving your plants proper lighting is key to having a successful grow.There are so many different types of lighting you can purchase for your indoor cannabis plants, each one coming with its own set of unique pros and cons.

Make sure to take the time to research all of the main types of cannabis lighting options: high-intensity discharge (HID) lights), light-emitting diode (LED) lights, fluorescent grow lights, ceramic metal halide (CMH), and light-emitting ceramic (LEC) lights.

Once you understand how each type of lighting works, you can better determine which is best for when you're growing weed indoors. Of course, if you’re growing cannabis outdoors, you’re going to rely on the sun, instead. 

6. Understand the Plant Growth Cycle

It’s going to be impossible to have a successful yield if you do not have a good understanding of the cannabis plant’s growth cycle.

The cannabis plant’s growth cycle is a unique and complicated one, and it directly affects the way that you take care of your plants.

Knowing the difference between the vegetative stage and the flowering stage, and when your plant is ready for harvest, are all crucial pieces of information when it comes to properly growing weed.   

7. Keep an Eye Out for Pests

Any sort of pest or disease can drastically impact your cannabis yield, and that’s not good for anyone. 

To avoid this, it’s important to regularly inspect your marijuana plants for any signs of trouble. This includes yellowing leaves or the presence of bugs.

Yellowing leaves can indicate a few different issues for your plant, including being infected by a fungal disease or by spider mites and aphids.

If you do notice any unwanted pests on your weed plants, it’s important to first identify what kind of pest it is; this way, you can take the proper steps to address it.

Make sure to isolate all of your affected plants and use the appropriate treatments. All is not lost!  

8. Maintain Optimal Temperature and Humidity Levels 

If you're growing weed indoors, the best way to grow weed fast and efficiently is by maintaining optimal temperatures and humidity levels. 

Your cannabis plant needs to be kept in an area that stays at about 70-80°F when you grow weed indoors. However, the specific temperature will depend on what phase your plant is currently in. 

This is also the same with humidity: as your plant is beginning to grow, it should be kept at high humidity levels around 70%.

As it ages, though, you will decrease these levels. Do ample research about the strains you have to see if they need any specific humidity percentages.  

9. Be Patient! 

When it comes to the best way to grow marijuana, patience is key. You cannot rush the cultivation process, and your marijuana plant needs ample time to grow to its fullest. 

While there are things you can do to speed up the overall process, like buying autoflowering seeds, the entire process of growing weed -- from start to finish -- will still take a few months. So, you have to be prepared to be patient and let your cannabis plants do their thing. 

10. Buy Seeds From Trilogene Seeds

If you really want to know the best way to grow marijuana, it’s to buy your seeds from Trilogene Seeds. Our seed bank contains hundreds of high-quality cannabis strains; whether you’re looking for indicas, sativas, even autoflowering or feminized options, Trilogene Seeds has the perfect products for you.

We pride ourselves on having top-shelf options while still offering affordable seeds that cultivators new and old can enjoy.

No matter what kind of seed or strain, or if you want to grow weed indoors or outdoors, Trilogene Seed is sure to have all the seeds you could want and so much more.    

What is the Best Way to Grow Marijuana: Indoors or Outdoors?

A lot of people want to whether growing marijuana indoors or outdoors is better. However, the best way to grow marijuana is going to depend on your personal preferences, as well as your individual circumstances.

Both indoor and outdooring have pros and cons that people should consider before committing to one or another. However, both are just as successful as the other when it comes to an easy way to grow weed.

When you grow weed indoors, you have the advantages of using a controlled environment, having year-round growing, and even enforcing added privacy and security.

However, it is going to cost more overall due to the equipment you need, and it will require a dedicated indoor growing space too. The maintenance of an indoor grow space is also quite extensive in order to keep your weed plants happy.

If you grow marijuana outdoors, this is going to cost a lot less, and you have the chance of much bigger yields and growing larger plants if you’d prefer. Natural growing conditions also help to create more flavorful, pure plants.

But, outdoor growing depends heavily on the climate, and this can be detrimental for some. You also have very little privacy typically, putting yourself at risk to law enforcement or nosy neighbors.

It’s also worth noting that growing your weed plants outside means you’re putting them at a higher risk of pests and diseases. 

Thus, you have to win the benefits and disadvantages of both of these growing situations before deciding whether you want to grow weed indoors or grow outdoors.

Achieving Your Perfect Harvest With Trilogene Seeds    

If you want to learn how to grow weed fast, the best place to start is with Trilogene Seeds. Trilogene’s seed bank has all of the marijuana seeds you need to get your indoor or outdoor grow started.

If you want to grow your own weed at home easy or you want to start a huge outdoor setup, Trilogene seeds has the resources to help you get started.

When you’re ready to experience the best way to grow your own marijuana, turn to Trilogene seeds and pick out all of the autoflowering, feminized, or photoperiod cannabis seeds you could want.

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Is growing weed at home easy?

Growing cannabis is not complicated. But if you want to get the most quality harvest, you will have to make efforts and care, and perhaps study additional literature. But this knowledge and effort will pay off for you many times.

Can you grow a weed in 2 weeks?

It is important to understand the different stages of cannabis growth. The germination stage lasts from 3 to 10 days. Then it takes about 2-3 weeks to grow seedlings. The entire cultivation process can take 70 to 160 days, depending on the variety of marijuana.

What helps cannabis grow bigger?

To grow large cannabis flowers by sight – add artificial light, use nutrients, and control temperature and humidity. Also, growing indoors can produce larger marijuana buds. Moreover, be patient.

Why is growing weed so hard?

One of the main conditions that complicate the cultivation of cannabis is excessive humidity. Regardless of where you grow marijuana – outdoors or in a greenhouse, in any case, high humidity slows the growth and development of cannabis.


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