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Free Discrete Shipping on Orders $50+ & Earn Free THCA Seeds on Orders $120+

Superwoman S1 Hemp Seeds

Original price $20.00 - Original price $625.00
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$20.00 - $625.00
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A cheesy funk of sweet cherries and garlic pepper.
A garlicky profile of grenadine covered cherries and parmesan cheese.
A complex profile of 50 shades of green intertwined with a light to dark series of orange pistils.
Backstory of Strain:
A refined and stable series of self pollinations and back crosses made this balanced high performing cultivar. A reliable strain with a track record since 2017.
Size & Style:
A balanced hybrid designed for it’s unique ability to thrive in multiple climates, gives this consistent cultivar the ability to out yield and perform some of the best genetics in hemp. A true darkhorse.
Parent Strains: Superwoman x Superwoman
Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant Hybrid
*Pre-Harvest: CBD: 7.8%, THCa: 0.16%
*Post-Harvest: CBD: 17.9%, THCa: 0.6%
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The result is simply incredible!

This is my 2nd attempt to grow these weed. The first time I managed to get almost 100% yield, but the next time I decided to fly more and read about this variety and change something in the cultivation and the result is simply incredible. I did it. Also, keep your PH around 5.9 to 6.1. Enjoy!

The harvest is just incredible!

Superwoman S1 requires a fairly high level of attention and care, including optimal humidity, temperature and nutrients. We grow both indoors and outdoors. But the harvest is just incredible! This is an extremely powerful and vigorous hybrid. The taste is incredibly rich with strong notes of citrus, hops and herbs. This is our favorite in effect and flavor, although growing is not easy, it is worth it!

Gave me a high yield

I was pleasantly surprised that the harvest was very large and of high quality. I used this plant to make ointments and creams, and the result was just wonderful. My skin became smooth and soft and the pain in my joints disappeared. I will experiment with other varieties to see how they will perform.


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