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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 | Free Seeds on Orders $120+

Superwoman S1 Hemp Seeds

A cheesy funk of sweet cherries and garlic pepper.
A garlicky profile of grenadine covered cherries and parmesan cheese.
A complex profile of 50 shades of green intertwined with a light to dark series of orange pistils.
Backstory of Strain:
A refined and stable series of self pollinations and back crosses made this balanced high performing cultivar. A reliable strain with a track record since 2017.
Size & Style:
A balanced hybrid designed for it’s unique ability to thrive in multiple climates, gives this consistent cultivar the ability to out yield and perform some of the best genetics in hemp. A true darkhorse.
Parent Strains: Superwoman x Superwoman
Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant Hybrid
*Pre-Harvest: CBD: 7.8%, THCa: 0.16%
*Post-Harvest: CBD: 17.9%, THCa: 0.6%
Original price $18.75 - Original price $4,320.00
Original price
$18.75 - $4,320.00
Total Price: $18.75

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