Bill Rohrer

Farmer, Certified Professional Agronomist

Exceptional growth and yield.  They out yielded the 2 other genetics on the farm by 2 times.  They grew so aggressively that I plan to provide them more space next year and plant all Trilogene genetics.  The team at Trilogene were easy to reach for questions provided the service that is difficult to find in the seed sales business.  I was very impressed with the price, quality and service from Trilogene.


Kristin Corbett

Licensed Industrial Hemp Grower

We are first time hemp growers in Delaware and we reached out to Matt in April and he literally guided us from purchasing the right Trilogene feminized seeds for our climate, through each stage of growing and then told us the best time to harvest. With Trilogene’s help and some great growing weather, we achieved outdoor CBD results of 15% for the Don and 18% for the Sangria. The final THC was well below the 0.30 limit. We didn’t receive any THC delta 9 higher than 0.13. The plants were very stacked with large flowers and loaded with trichomes. These strains did very well even in the humid east coast summer environment. We would highly recommend Trilogene for your seeds, clones and consulting needs for the 2020 outdoor season…


Phelan Dalton


Trilogene Genetics are on par with the best in the industry. From propagation to harvest, it has been a joy working with these plants. Nearly every plant on our 4 acre plot was over 7' tall with beautifully filled out colas, heavy trichome production, and a great terpene profile. I was astounded with the way my crop turned out. If you want to grow a crop you're proud of, grow with Trilogene.


Jack Amkie

Managing Partner

Working with Trilogene Seeds enabled us to successfully grow 20 acres of CBD Hemp. But Matt and his team are not only suppliers, but rather become strategic partners and trusted advisors to the entire process. Unless you consider yourself an expert that know all the answers, I would strongly consider partnering with Trilogene Seeds.


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