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420 Specials Just Dropped! Take 25% Off Everything & Earn Free THCA Seeds on Orders $120
420 Specials Just Dropped! Take 25% Off Everything & Earn Free THCA Seeds on Orders $120

Orange Sunrise CBD Seeds

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$18.75 - $750.00
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Smells resemble a gas soaked wooden spoon of pressed raspberries.
An earthy sweet inhale with a heavy tone of myrcene during exhale.
A dark purple bud structure with glimpses of yellow and bright orange hairs. She also has purple calyx production under an array of amber and white trichomes.
Backstory of Strain:
Bred to bring a gassy funk to the popular BB cultivar for an indica and “OG kush-like” dominant smoking experience. The lineage of this variety packs a myrcene heavy punch and beautiful coloration.
Size & Style:
A uniform cultivar with 4x4 spacing working perfectly for an even canopy and sea of green.
Parent Lines: Orange Sunrise x Orange Sunrise
Cannabinoid Profile: CBD-Indica Dominant Hybrid
*Pre Harvest: CBD: 3.4%, THCa: 0.1%
*Post Harvest: CBD: 17-20%, THCa: 0.56%
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Makes my day better

I think it's actually a great cross between Orange Bud and Blueberry, with lots of flavor and aroma. I note that this variety has good resistance to diseases and pests.
I advise you to use good soil and good lighting to achieve the best results, and do not skimp on it.

I was very impressed with the taste, it is so fruity with strong notes of orange, and always fills the whole room with the smell. It is very uplifting and makes the day better.

An impressive product

An excellent choice for the production of hemp oil! Its bright citrus flavor and aroma combine perfectly with other ingredients to create a unique taste. And thanks to its limonene content, this strain helps create products that relieve stress and improve mood. It can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation. And most importantly, the plant is easy to grow and does not require special conditions. So we will order more!

Good choice for beginner growers

"The plant grew very well and produced high-quality buds with a great flavor and effect. I would say that it's a good choice for beginner growers. The Orange Sunrise strain had a moderate growth duration. It took around 9-10 weeks to fully mature and produce high-quality buds. However, the wait was worth it because the buds were of excellent quality. The plant had a very attractive appearance with a bright green color and plenty of trichomes. It looked just like the pictures on the Trilogene Seeds website.
The only downside was that the yield was not as high as some other strains, but the quality of the buds made up for it. I would definitely consider growing this strain again in the future."


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