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Outdoor Vs. Indoor Smokable Hemp

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Smokable Hemp

Smokable hemp flower is a relatively new phenomenon thanks to cannabis legalization and efforts by a handful of cannabis researchers and advocates. Thankfully, the cannabis industry has evolved to include the full chemical composition of the plant.

When growing smokable hemp flower, it is essential to choose the right seeds for your growing environment. Outdoor and indoor grows present unique challenges and require planning to produce the best outcomes possible.

The Advantages of Outdoor Smokable Hemp Flower

Growing outside is much more environmentally friendly than indoors because you are utilizing the sun. There is a growing demand for sun-produced, fully organic smokable flower by CBD users who are eco-conscious.

Disadvantages of Growing Hemp Outside

Outdoor hemp plants are much more exposed than hemp grown indoors. Adverse weather, pests, and the inconsistent sun make growing outdoors more challenging and harder to control. Choosing the right seeds is vital if you plan to produce hemp with the bag appeal, CBD potency, and terpene concentration to be sold as a smokable flower.

The Advantages of Indoor Smokable Hemp Flower

Growing hemp indoors allows cultivators to fully control their environment. Smokable hemp flower is challenging to produce; indoor growth provides the stability needed for genetics to flourish.

An indoor grow is more likely to generate high CBD flower that is marketable; however, you still need to choose the right seeds to maximize yields.

Disadvantages of Growing Hemp Flower Indoors

The cannabis consumer is becoming more conscious of the toll cannabis production is taking on the environment. Massive indoor grow facilities require an incredible amount of electricity to power. While the atmosphere is optimized for your plants, the amount of carbon released is harmful to the Earth.

We predict that the cannabis industry will shift to a more regulated approach to cultivation. The change may be driven by consumer or government regulations. Indoor grows may never become obsolete, but energy consumption in the industry will play a vital role in the future of cannabis production.

Contact Trilogene Seeds Today

Choosing the right seeds for your grow environment is critical. Seeds adaptive to an outdoor or indoor ecosystem can dramatically affect your yields and ability to turn a profit.

If you are unsure what seeds are best equipped to handle your specific growing conditions, contact Trilogene Seeds today to speak with an expert. Our team will find the perfect seeds for your plant environment and the type of hemp you are looking to produce.

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