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Free Discrete Shipping on Orders $50+ & Earn Free THCA Seeds on Orders $120+
Buying Hemp Genetics for Equatorial Regions

Buying Hemp Genetics for Equatorial Regions

Cannabis is a highly diverse plant that has evolved for thousands of years in various regions of the world.  If you are growing hemp outdoors, choosing the best seeds for your specific ecosystem is exceedingly essential.

Hemp genetics have played a significant role in the plant’s lifecycle.  To ensure you will produce the highest yield possible, you need to choose genetics that will adapt well to your region.  Temperate regions around the equator are great for growing hemp outdoors, but you will still benefit from choosing seeds that thrive in a hot, humid environment.

The Advantages of Growing Hemp Outdoors

Utilizing your natural environment is the best way to produce hemp at the lowest price possible.  There is also an increase in demand for sun-grown cannabis.  Using the Earth’s natural resources to grow hemp puts less of a strain on the environment.  There are many parts of the world where indoor grows is the only option, but regions close to the equator have sufficient environmental conditions to produce hemp.  However, it is still crucial to choose the right seeds.  

While there are clear advantages of growing hemp outdoors, choosing the right genetics is essential for success.  Many hemp genetics can be traced back to high elevation areas with dramatic temperature changes.  These strains won’t thrive to the fullest potential in equatorial regions.

Hemp Genetics that Thrive in Equatorial Regions

At Trilogene Seeds, we have a plethora of hemp genetics to choose from; our selection includes seeds that are adaptive to tropical temperatures and will thrive in equatorial regions.  Below are a few of our autoflower choices that are perfect for growing outdoors in temperate climates:

Auto Bot

  • 20-25:1 CBD: THC ratio
  • 10.3% potential CBD potency
  • Above 99% feminization 

Auto Alpha

  • 20-25:1 CBD: THC ratio
  • 10.8% potential CBD potency
  • Above 99% feminization 

Auto Magik

  • 20-25:1 CBD: THC ratio
  • 8.1% potential CBD potency
  • Above 99% feminization 

Trilogene Seeds Hemp Genetics

At Trillogene, we specialize in developing feminized hemp seeds with high concentrations of CBD.  When you purchase our CBD seeds, we guarantee a feminization rate of above 99%, ensuring your seeds produce valuable hemp flower.

Growing in equatorial regions is challenging, and choosing the right hemp genetics is the first step to a successful harvest.  If you have any questions regarding what seeds will perform best for your grow environment, contact our team for a free consultation.

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Can cannabis be grown in tropical conditions?

Cannabis seeds can grow well in temperate, subtropical, and tropical climatic zones. But hemp grows best in mild climatic conditions, good humidity, and rainfall of at least 600–700 mm per year. But you can also grow cannabis in a greenhouse on any continent.

What is the best climate for growing cannabis?

The optimum temperature is between 60-80 degrees F, but young vegetative seedlings grow best at 70-82 degrees F. Also, the humidity should be moderate, but not too dry or wet, because the roots can be damaged, and the cannabis plant will not grow.

How hot is too hot for growing cannabis?

A temperature of 82 °F (ca. 28 °C) causes the terpenes to evaporate and slow down bud growth and flower development. In short, the high temperature burns out the cannabinoids, and as a result, the taste and smell are lost long before harvest.

Can cannabis be grown in the desert?

Of course, experienced hemp agronomists grow cannabis in the Southwest in very hot conditions. Although hemp seeds are not desert-adapted, some breeders have had some success in breeding hardy hemp varieties. But if you have no experience, you can grow hemp in a greenhouse and get a good harvest.


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