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The Benefits of Auto Flowering Seeds

The Benefits of Auto Flowering Seeds

Advancements in our understanding of hemp genetics have enabled growers to achieve more profitable outcomes with less work.  The cannabis genome can be molded to deliver premium hemp in less time through years of selective breeding.  Auto flowering seeds allow growers to maximize their hemp production each year without sacrificing quality.

What Are Auto Flowering Seeds?

Auto flower hemp strains use the subspecies cannabis ruderalis to produce plants that flower faster and independent of an artificial or natural change in the photoperiod.  As a result, auto flowering seeds give growers access to plants that require less maintenance and flower based on time, not the changing light schedule.

Auto Flowering Seeds vs. Regular Seeds

Regular hemp strains flower based on the season.  A grower plants their seeds in the spring; they grow during the sunny summer months and produce flowers in the fall.  Auto flowering seeds flower independently of the change of season or artificial light and flower based on their age.

A grow consisting of auto flower seeds is easier to manage especially in a controlled environment.

The Benefits of AFS

Choosing auto flowering hemp seeds is a no-brainer.  Thanks to a legal hemp market, we’ve been able to optimize auto flowering hemp strains to perfection in the past decade.  

Multiple Harvests Per Year – The ability to produce more plants is reason enough to choose auto flowering seeds. Earlier flowering times mean scaling your grow operation and increase your output.

Higher CBD Potency Levels – Selective breeding and the increase in demand for CBD potent strains have influenced breeders to develop low THC, high CBD auto flower strains.

Eliminate the Need for a Flowering Room – An indoor grow requires strict lighting schedules.  Plants in veg receive more light than plants flowering.  With auto flowering strains, there’s no need to adjust the photoperiod or separate plants.

Less work – Auto flowering plants have a solid genetic profile that makes them more resilient to harsh climates and disease.  The learning curve is dramatically reduced for beginners, and less labor is required for commercial growers.  Either way, auto flowering seeds are a win-win. 

No. Auto Flowering Seeds Aren’t Less Potent

This may have been true a decade ago, but auto flowering hemp seeds have become more potent with advancements in our knowledge and hemp genetics.

Buy CBD Seeds Online from Trilogene

Developing resilient, high potency, low maintenance hemp genetics is our passion at Trilogene.  Our passionate team of award-winning breeders and growers is dedicated to producing the best auto flowering hemp seeds available online.  Contact us today for more information or to place a wholesale order.

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What are the advantages of auto-flowering cannabis seeds?

The main advantage of auto-flowering cannabis seeds is their predictability and rapid life cycle. Since auto-flowering cannabis seeds do not rely on light cycles to control flowering, you can plant your seeds and reliably harvest 70-100 days later, creating a constant throughput system.

What Are Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

Auto-flower strains use the subspecies Cannabis Ruderalis to produce plants that flower faster and independent of an artificial or natural change in the photoperiod. Autoflowering seeds give access to plants that require less maintenance and flower based on time, not the changing light schedule.

Are Autoflower Cannabis Seeds better than feminized ones?

An essential advantage of auto-flowering cannabis seeds is that they are inherently “tougher” than feminized seeds and have higher resilience to changes in temperatures, insects, and mold.

Do Autoflower cannabis seeds produce more bud?

Usually, auto-flower cannabis seeds give a smaller harvest, but each subsequent year will delight you with a larger harvest. And there are also specially bred varieties of auto-flower cannabis seeds that provide a harvest at the same level as feminized seeds.


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