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Outdoor Cannabis Seeds


What is the best cannabis seed to grow outside?

The most suitable for outdoor cultivation is Orange Sunrise, as it contains CBD-Indica Dominant Hybrid. But you can also try other hemp varieties that grow well outside in the sun, such as Auto Alpha, Ultra Pink, and Red Robin.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds that grow better outdoors are usually less demanding on environmental conditions, stronger, and easier to care for, while cannabis seeds grown indoors are more susceptible to pests, mold, and disease, and more demanding on growing conditions.

Is cannabis hard to grow outside?

It depends on the type of hemp variety, its strength, resistance to weather conditions, and proper care. But usually growing outdoors provides more space, and plants get more natural water and sun. But do not forget about pests and fungi, which you need to get rid of.

Can you grow feminized cannabis seeds outdoors?

Of course, there is a type of feminized cannabis seed that grows better outdoors. At Trilogene Seeds, you will find many varieties of feminized cannabis seeds that grow well outdoors, require less maintenance, and produce high yields like Auto Magik, Red Robin, Sweet Rainbow, or Lucky Lucy.

What Are Outdoor Cannabis Seeds?

Outdoor marijuana seeds are varieties of cannabis seeds that are specially bred to thrive in an outdoor environment. These unique types of seeds are able to better withstand natural elements such as weather conditions, pests, and even diseases that you may have to deal with when growing outdoors.

Why Buy Outdoor Marijuana Seeds?

A farmer may choose to buy outdoor seeds over indoor seeds because, well, they’re growing their plants outside! But, this is likely because outdoor cannabis plant cultivation brings about plenty of benefits that the average grower will find appealing.

Where to Buy The Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds?

At Trilogene Seeds, we offer a great selection of high-quality outdoor cannabis seeds for sale in whatever type or strain you’re most interested in. We price our seeds for sale at low prices, allowing people of all budgets to buy the outdoor marijuana seeds of their dreams.

How to correctly select the Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds?

In order to choose high-quality hemp seeds for outdoor cultivation, you should pay attention to the following parameters, which help ensure a more successful growing: Mold and Pest Resistance, Photoperiod Varieties, Size, Structure, and Resilience.


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