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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50

Greenhouse Seeds


What are Green House Seeds?

Greenhouse Seeds are seeds that have been bred to grow efficiently in greenhouse environments. Greenhouse Weed Seeds are the best option for growers who have these outdoor buildings: their genetics are made specifically for these environments!

What are the Benefits of Growing Greenhouse Seeds?

Cultivators can easily change the seasons by using curtains, artificial lighting, and other tricks to increase their harvest. Growing cannabis year-round is great for commercial growers who want to grow as many plants as possible.

How to Grow Greenhouse Seeds?

Once you have some greenhouse seeds, you will simply work to germinate the seed as you would any other type of plant seed. Once the plant’s germinated, then your plant is ready for the growth cycle within your greenhouse. It’s as simple as that!

Where to Buy Green House Seeds Online?

Yes, you can easily buy marijuana seeds online — you just have to be extra cognizant when making your purchases to guarantee you’re buying from a reputable greenhouse seed company. That’s why shopping from Trilogene Hemp is always the best choice.


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