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Grow Guide for New Farmers

Grow Guide for New Farmers

Growing hemp is a complicated process that takes years to perfect. Thankfully new farmers can learn from the mistakes of others, reducing the learning curve and producing a quality product much faster.

Our grow guide covers the fundamentals of hemp cultivation. After reading, you will have the building blocks needed to produce a successful hemp crop.

Finding a Quality Root Environment

Whether growing in soil or with hydroponics, your plants need a nutrient-rich root environment to prosper. Plants in the beginning stages of their lifecycle need soil or water high in nitrogen and a healthy balance of phosphorus and potassium to develop.

High-Quality Feminized Hemp Seeds with Strong Genetics

Your seeds provide the genetic building blocks of life. Choosing feminized hemp seeds with strong breed traits ensures that your plants will produce cannabinoids and terpene-rich flower resilient to adverse growing conditions.

Feeding Your Plants

Fertilization is an essential component of producing quality hemp. An NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) plant fertilizer is needed for the plant to thrive. As your plants develop, you will need to adjust the ratios of NPK to accommodate the different stages of growth. Check out this chart by Cannabis Business Times for the ideal NPK management.

Harvesting Your Hemp

Once you have mature flowering hemp plants, you are ready to harvest. Depending on your goals, the production phase will be different. Whether you are growing hemp for flower or industrial purposes, proper harvesting techniques and storage are crucial.

Mold is one of the most common reasons hemp farmers fail. Store your finished product in an airtight container in a dry, cool place to ensure it is free of mold or other bacteria.

How Much Hemp per Acre?

Yield rates are dependent on several factors. Genetics plays a critical role in maximizing hemp yields. Most experienced farmers can grow 1,500 to 3,000 plants per acre spaced between 3 and 5 feet apart.

Growing FDA Compliant Hemp

One of the biggest challenges that face new cannabinoid hemp farms is being FDA compliant. Hemp testing over 0.3% THC is useless to a farmer with a hemp cultivation license. Using feminized hemp seeds with strong genetics ensures that your crop won’t produce hemp with THC over 0.3%.

Buy Feminized CBD Seeds from Trilogene

Our feminized hemp seeds have been carefully crafted and stabilized to ensure compliance while producing the highest possible cannabinoid output. Our enhanced photoperiodic and autoflower genetics are suitable for outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse cultivation and are ideal for cannabinoid extraction, smokable craft flower, dual crop, and the industrial hemp market.

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