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Feminized Hemp Seeds Vs. Seedlings Vs. Clones

Feminized Hemp Seeds Vs. Seedlings Vs. Clones

The beginning stages of the plant’s life cycle are a critical aspect of hemp production. Understanding the different ways to begin the journey as a grower makes the process much easier and will produce optimal results. The right start will create a higher yield, quality product, and less waste.

Hemp growers are given three options when planting hemp:

  • Seeds
  • Seedlings
  • Clones

After reading our post, you will be able to choose the right option for your hemp production goals.

What are Feminized Hemp Seeds?

Starting a hemp plant with a seed ensures you are involved in every aspect of the plant’s life cycle. However, seeds take longer to produce and aren’t guaranteed to grow into female plants.

Male plants can be used for fiber and other industrial purposes, but you will need female plants if you plan to produce smokable hemp flower, biomass, or flower for extraction. Feminized seeds ensure that your seeds will develop flower packed with valuable cannabinoids and terpenes.

Feminized Hemp Seeds Vs. Seedlings

Seedlings are another option when planting your crop. Compared to feminized hemp seeds, they don’t require germination and have a head start of at least a couple of weeks. However, male and female seeds look identical until about the sixth week. Therefore, if you purchase male seedlings and want to grow hemp flower, you will have to start from scratch. Feminized Hemp seeds ensure that your plants will be female.

What Are Clones?

Hemp plant cloning is when a genetically identical plant is made without natural reproduction. A clone is part of a healthy plant replanted in soil. Most clones are sold after they have developed for at least a couple of months, allowing the grower to determine the sex.

While using clones is the fastest way to grow hemp, you don’t control the critical beginning stages of the plant’s life.

The Best Option for Hemp Cultivators

Feminized hemp seeds are the only way to ensure that your plants get the proper attention throughout their entire lifecycle. However, choosing a seedling or clone will produce mature hemp plants faster than growing from a seed.

The choice is up to the grower, but we suggest starting from a feminized seed when possible.

Feminized Hemp Seeds from Trilogene

Our CBD seeds are available to those looking to buy hemp seeds online, whether that is wholesale bulk hemp seeds for the large-scale grower or smaller quantities for the hobbyist. We also offer hemp clones, hemp seedlings, and fiber-dominant cultivars for fiber and hard production.

Contact our team of growers today for more information and help choose the right option that fits your goals.

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