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Xianwei Hemp Seeds

With stands reaching 10-15’, it is considered the best yielding fiber variety over all European varieties
Backstory of Strain:
JinMa is a sought-after Chinese fiber variety, which could be the original American hemp fiber plant from WW2, grown for textile fibers and hemp construction materials. It grows very tall and thin (standard of 6-12’) depending on climate and soil conditions. The USA fiber trials indicate the ideal latitude for growing is between 30 to 41 degrees.
Parent Strains: Jin Ma x Yunma 5
Cannabinoid Profile: Multi-Purpose CBD/Fiber/Seed Dominant Hybrid
THC: 0.11%
CBD: 2.0%
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Original price $30.00 - Original price $750.00
Original price
$30.00 - $750.00
Total Price: $30.00

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