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Free Discrete Shipping on Orders $50+ & Earn Free THCA Seeds on Orders $120+

Ultralicious Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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$42.50 - $1,250.00
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The smell of a fresh oil spill on hot Texas concrete. An overwhelming stench of pine fuel and burnt gummy bears.
A gassy and exotic flavor profile with a smooth and subtly sweet aftertaste.
Gorgeous bud structure and bud shape that is easy to trim. Great bag appeal that always attracts the eyes of consumers.
Backstory of Strain:
We created this cultivar to make a terpene rich 1:1 THC/CBD cultivar that finishes purple and has a gorgeous bud structure. A high yielding plant that packs an exotic punch!
Size & Style:
Vigorous plant that is easy to grow and has perfect internodal spacing. Easy to manage, easy to manicure, easy to trim.
Parent Strains: Ultra Pink x Gushers Biscotti
Cannabinoid Profile: THC/CBD Hybrid
Potential CBD/THCa Ratio: 1:1
*Pre-Harvest: CBD: 7%, THCa: 7%
*Post-Harvest: CBD: 10%, THCa: 10%

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Earned a permanent spot in my garden

From the moment the package arrived, I could tell that Trilogene takes quality seriously. The seeds were well-packaged and arrived in perfect condition. As someone who enjoys growing their own cannabis, I was eager to see how the Ultralicious strain would perform. Throughout the growth process, these plants showed their resilience and vigor. The leaves were lush and vibrant, and they responded well to basic care practices. As flowering kicked in, the anticipation grew, and I was rewarded with some of the most beautiful buds I've ever seen. Ultralicious has earned a permanent spot in my garden. I'm already looking forward to my next cultivation with their seeds.

An ideal option for anxiety

This weed has helped me cope with stress and constant worry, thanks to the fact that it is not very high in THC, I can smoke it at any time, and it does not affect my emotional state too much, and I hardly feel euphoric, it lifts my mood a little, but the main thing is that I feel relaxed and completely calm. For me, this is an ideal option for every day. Especially in the evening after work.


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