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Free Discrete Shipping on Orders $50+ & Earn Free THCA Seeds on Orders $120+

Sweet Wife CBD Seeds

Original price $20.00 - Original price $625.00
Original price
$20.00 - $625.00
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A cheesy and funky blend of hibiscus tea poured onto a fresh salad with blue cheese.
A funky cheese blend on the inhale with a smooth and cough less exhale.
An easy to grow cultivar that is ideal for any grower. She has large fan leaves and healthy spacing that does not require a lot of TLC.
Backstory of Strain:
A Sweet Grass clone-only crossed to our beloved Sweet Wife. A further line of backcrossing to help stabilize her dominant characteristics.
Size & Style:
A quick grower that germinates quickly and vigorously. For a sativa leaning variety, she finishes quicker than most in that category.
Parent Strains: Sweet Grass x Sweet Wife
Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant Hybrid
*Pre-Harvest: CBD: 8.6%, THCa: 0.17%
*Post-Harvest: CBD: 14.4%, THCa: 0.4%
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mellow and relaxing weed

"I recently tried the Sweet Wife strain and I have to say, I was really impressed. The buds had a sweet, fruity aroma that was really pleasant. When I tried smoking it, I was blown away by how smooth it was. There was no harshness or coughing, which is something I've experienced with other strains in the past.
In terms of effects, I found the Sweet Wife strain to be really mellow and relaxing. It didn't knock me out or make me feel too groggy, but rather provided a nice, subtle sense of calm that lasted for several hours. It was perfect for unwinding after a long day and getting some much-needed rest.
I'll definitely buy this strain again. "

Fantastic aroma and high CBD content

"When we discovered the Sweet Wife strain from Trilogene Seeds, we were thrilled with the results.
The quality of the hemp produced from these seeds was exceptional, with dense and resinous buds that had a fantastic aroma and high CBD content. The ease of cultivation and minimal maintenance required also impressed us, as our large-scale operation was able to keep up with demand and maintain a steady supply for our customers.
The strong genetics of the seeds allow for quick growth and high yields, making it a great option for large-scale operations like ours."


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