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Super Gambit

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Parent Lines: Superwoman x CBGambit

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant

Potential CBD:CBG Ratio:

*Pre-Harvest CBD: %, THC: %

*Post-Harvest CBD: 11.8% , THC: 0.38%

Aroma: A limonene dominant smell of fresh squeezed lemons mixed with lawn clipping and pepper spice.

Flavors: A smooth sensation with a slight cheese funk. An odd but interesting flavor profile.

Appearance: This plant is very vigorous and has medium sized fan leaves. The yield and bud density will show off in your garden.

Backstory of Strain: Our prized Superwoman variety crossed to an interesting phenotype of CBGambit. This variety has some phenotypic variation and is CBD dominant, but expresses great minor levels of CBG for a true full spectrum hemp variety.

Size & Style: Medium internodal spacing with a light green bud structure that matures with orange pistils.

Ideal Harvest Range: End of September - Early October

Ideal Outdoor Spacing: 5x5

Potential Yield Per Plant: 1.5-3lbs per dry plant

Germination Rate: 90+%

Feminization Rate: 99+%

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Size: 10 pack ($3.00 / seed)


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