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Jam #5 CBD Seeds

Imagine a roll of quarters dipped in grape jelly then baked in the oven with a dozen doughnuts.. Then dip that in a batch of freshly harvested hay.
A fade as bittersweet as a rainbow on a rainy day. She expresses many fades and colors with an eye candy-like presence in the garden.
Backstory of Strain:
A CBD rich phenotype of Jamaican Lion from Jamaica crossed to a Tangistan R4 x Dudes Diesel designed for outdoor production of smokable for more humid environments.
Size & Style:
Healthy inter nodal spacing with a maximum height of 8 feet & 4 inches. For a sativa-leaning hybrid, she boasts well under windy conditions and her branches do not break easily.
Parent Strains: 5
Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant Hybrid
*Pre-Harvest: CBD: 8.3%, THC: 0.16%
*Post-Harvest: CBD: 16.2%, THC: 0.5%
Original price $30.00 - Original price $4,320.00
Original price
$30.00 - $4,320.00
Total Price: $30.00

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