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Bubble Berry

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Parent Strains: Berry Blossom Bx3 x Chardonnay S3

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD-Dominant Hybrid

Potential CBD:THC Ratio: 33:1

*Pre-Harvest CBD: 3.9%, THC: 0.1%

*Post-Harvest CBD: 16.8%, THC: 0.5%

Aroma: Smells like an array of peaches, cinnamon, and hops mixed in a blueberry frozen yogurt.

Flavors: A bisaboul and caryophyllene dominant flavor that relieves pain after the first exhale.

Appearance: A combo of bright green and light purple buds and fan leaves with a reddish purple pistil formation.

Backstory of Strain: Made for extraction performance, durability, and consistency to perform well in Colorado.

Size & Style: A dynamic yielder, this cultivar will produce well in several environments expressing and demanding space in the garden.

Cultivar Datasheet icon to PDFPre Harvest COA icon to open PDFPost Harvest icon to open PDFTerpene Profile icon to open PDF

Size: 50 pack ($2.00 / seed)

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