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Free Discrete Shipping on Orders $50+ & Earn Free THCA Seeds on Orders $120+

Dr Oussama Badad, PhD

Lead Geneticist


Dr. Oussama Badad, PhD, Lead Geneticist at Trilogene Seeds, is at the forefront of agricultural genetics, particularly in the groundbreaking field of cannabis cultivation. With a robust academic foundation and a Ph.D. achieved through collaboration between the University Mohamed the Fifth in Rabat, Morocco, and Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA, Dr. Badad embodies a rare blend of profound scientific knowledge and practical innovation.

Dr. Badad's pioneering work on triploid cannabis seeds marks a significant advancement in the cannabis industry. By introducing an additional chromosome set to the traditional diploid cannabis, his research has led to the development of sterile cannabis plants that focus their energy on cannabinoid production without producing seeds.

This innovation not only addresses the challenge of hermaphroditism in cannabis plants but also ensures uniform growth and consistent cannabinoid levels, which are critical for commercial cultivation.

Beyond the realm of cannabis, Dr. Badad's expertise spans the broader field of crop genetics. His contributions to understanding gene networks in soybeans and other crops have significantly advanced our knowledge on improving seed composition, enhancing disease resistance, and optimizing plant-pathogen defense mechanisms.

His scholarly work, which includes 15 peer-reviewed publications, covers a wide array of topics, from the complete genome sequence of Verbascum thapsus to the genetic basis of oil biosynthesis in wild olives.

Dr. Badad's achievements in triploid cannabis genetics and his broader contributions to agricultural genomics illustrate a commitment to solving practical challenges through scientific excellence. His work not only represents a significant leap forward in cannabis cultivation.

Through his leadership at Trilogene Seeds, Dr. Badad continues to push the boundaries of genetic research, applying his extensive knowledge to develop solutions that enhance global food security and sustainability. His vision for the future of agriculture, rooted in rigorous science and innovative practice, positions him as a pivotal figure in the ongoing evolution of crop genetics and cannabis cultivation.



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