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Ultra Pink

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$30.00 - $4,320.00
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Parent Strains: Ultra Violet x Cats Meow

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant

Potential CBD:THC Ratio: 36:1

*Pre-Harvest CBD: 8.1%, THC: 0.18%

*Post-Harvest CBD: 14.6%, THC: 0.4%

Aroma: A pungent combination of bubblelush bubblegum and dried mango fruit.

Flavors: A sweet flavonoid profile with a smooth after taste.

Appearance: Purple bud structure with small lime green fan leaves. Loads of resin production and great for indoor growers.

Backstory of Strain: This variety was created using Ultra Violet Pollen from one of our best CBD|THC ratio Phenotypes.

Size & Style: Medium sized plant with high flower to leaf ratio.

Germination Report icon that opens PDFCultivar Datasheet icon that opens PDFPre Harvest COA icon that opens PDFPost Harvest COA icon that opens PDF

Size: 100 pack ($1.75 / seed)

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