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CBG Limonene Cannabis Seeds

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$30.00 - $4,320.00
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Parent Strains: CBGambit x Unknown CBG Clone S1

Cannabinoid Profile: CBG Dominant

Potential CBG:THC Ratio: 62:1

*Post-Harvest CBG: 15.7%, THC: 0.25%

Aroma: It has a combination of skunk and sweetness.

Flavors: Limonene dominant terpene profile which gives a unique smoking experience for the minor cannabinoid connoisseur.

Appearance: Light green, full of trichomes, with very few pistils that are short and light orange. It's an easy plant to trim, with compact globular like buds. This varietal can hold up well to high winds.

Backstory of Strain: Our goal was to create a terpene rich CBG cultivar that was stable and has a pleasant smokable hemp profile.

Size & Style: It has a bushy growth habit with large fan leaves. Indica leaning hybrid.

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Size: 10 pack ($3.00 / seed)

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