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Auto Magik

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$30.00 - $750.00
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Parent Strains: Auto Magik x Auto Magik

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant Auto Flower

Potential CBD:THC Ratio: 20-25:1

CBD Content: 6%-10%

Aroma: Skunky yet fruity, high in myrcene and pinene.

Flavors: A surprisingly gasoline dominant flavor with a sweet fruit aftertone.

Appearance: Green and purple phenotypes with large expansive flowers.

Backstory of Strain: Our pick for terpene extraction, great for smoking raw and designed optimal yield in a 80 day cycle.

Size & Style: A mature plant can hit 3 1/2 feet tall and 3 ft wide with dense colas. This cultivar has several phenotypes.

Germination Report IconCultivator DatasheetPre Harvest COA iconPost Harvest COA

Size: 50 pack ($2.00 / seed)

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