The hemp industry is coming to China in a massive way, with the help of Colorado’s experienced cannabis professionals and our proven high CBD hemp strains.

2020 is considered “year one” for Chinese high CBD hemp production. Future Chinese demand will be “transformative” for the global hemp industry, according to a new report from Arcview Group.

China’s domestic economy — the world’s second-largest —is increasingly looking to use hemp-derived CBD products. Plus, China’s massive international beauty product market will dominate the global demand for CBD-infused beauty merchandise.

And where is the brand-new Chinese CBD industry looking to source their CBD hemp seed genetics? Not surprisingly, Colorado, one of the first states to legalize hemp production in the United States.

Colorado’s early entry into the U.S. hemp market has given the state’s hemp breeders a leg up in providing the quality, professional services, industry knowledge and data-driven, cannabinoid-rich hemp genetics China’s new hemp growers need.

At Trilogene Seeds, a Colorado breeder of feminized hemp seeds for the CBD, CBG, minor cannabinoids and terpene markets, we’re bringing our years of CBD hemp growing and our proven hemp-breeding techniques to the newly emerging Chinese CBD hemp market.

 Chinese CBD Hemp Market Focused on Low THC, High CBD Hemp Strains

The Chinese government has clarified that high CBD hemp strains are not considered a narcotic drug. However, China did implement a less than .3 percent THC rule to be considered hemp, similar to the U.S.

That means Chinese hemp growers need to trust their hemp genetics. Just like in the U.S., planting regionally-specific hemp varieties that will perform to their potential, tolerate stress and won’t go hot by harvest time is imperative.

At Trilogene Seeds we ensure a compliant harvest for Chinese growers by following the same data-driven breeding methods used to establish region-specific hemp varietals in the U.S. — selecting phenotypes that reliably produce high cannabinoid to low THC ratios for their specific growing conditions.

Then, of course, careful trialing, keen observation and choosing the best-performing strains when it comes to the other — but crucial for profitability — details like plant structure, pest and pathogen resistance, extraction efficiency and desirable cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

In our 2020 Chinese trials, the hemp genetics we bred to excel for Minnesota-area hemp farmers — Cherry Sunrise and Maraschino strains— stood out as front-runners for our Chinese partner’s specific climatic requirements.

Experienced U.S. Hemp Breeders Guide Chinese CBD Hemp Growers

Considering that China has long been the international leader in fiber hemp — an industry that is still in its fledgling stage in the U.S. — it is an honor to be guiding our Chinese hemp-growing counterparts in growing CBD hemp.

But fiber hemp and CBD hemp are grown entirely differently. A successful CBD hemp harvest results from following precise growing standards we have spent years perfecting at Trilogene Seeds and were pleased to share with Chinese CBD hemp growers.

During our 2020 Chinese trial, our China partners followed our SOP to perfection and yielded a “sea of green canopy.” We know that superior and consistent genetics, proper planning and correct spacing maximizes hemp production —Trilogene Seeds has achieved harvests of more than 4,000 lbs plus per acre.

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