Wholesale Hemp Seeds

Bulk Hemp Seeds Request & Information

Trilogene Seeds offers the most Elite Hemp Genetics on the market for both the professional hemp farmer and hobbyists alike.  Our minimum order quantity for domestic farmers is 10 seeds per cultivar.  The minimum for international shipments is 1000 seeds per variety.

Our wholesale hemp seeds can be grown for biomass, smokable hemp, tri-crops, grain, fiber, and green energy.  The extraction efficiency of Trilogene’s cultivars are industry leading with tremendous success across different microclimates and photoperiods all over the world.  Our bulk hemp seeds can be grown outdoors at scale with over a 99+% feminization rate.

Trilogene has also revolutionized how feminized tri-crop varieties can thrive in different environments.  Our wholesale hemp seeds are affordable at scale to legitimize the economics behind tri crop cultivars.  Tri-crops are great for grain production, biomass, and hemp hurd.  They are NOT encouraged for other textile production that require long, dense fibers, but are encouraged for hemp building materials such as: insulation, bedding material, hempcrete, etc.

Our unique selection of wholesale hemp seeds offer a proven ability to succeed for every type of hemp farmer.  Trilogene Seeds is your elite option for some of the industries best hemp genetics and bulk hemp seeds.