Trilogene Seeds 2020 partnership with a Chinese hemp grower was fruitful, resulting in two of Trilogene’s tried and true hemp cultivars certified for the emerging Chinese hemp market.


Currently, only three CBD hemp varietals are certified by the Chinese government to grow and produce CBD hemp in China.


The approved Trilogene cultivars are two of our favorites — Cherry Sunrise and Maraschino, both rock solid varietals that have proven themselves time and time again in hemp production worldwide.

Growing CBD Hemp in China


Despite the international complications of the 2020 coronavirus shutdowns, Trilogene developed a strong relationship with our Chinese partner, who followed our grow instructions to the letter and was rewarded with a beautiful “sea of green.”


2020 was the first year for growing CBD hemp in China. The market potential is predicted to explode, with Chinese-grown CBD expected to be imported to U.S. markets or utilized in China’s massive beauty products industry.


Although China has been the international leader in fiber hemp for decades, CBD hemp is a new market. As the United States began in 2019, China is still developing rules, regulations, and the processing and supply chain for the CBD hemp industry. Two provinces, Yunnan and Heilongjiang, have created the legal framework for industrial hemp cultivation and processing. Jilin province in northeast China is predicted to join in soon as well.


Like the U.S., China has a strict three percent THC rule for CBD hemp, meaning Chinese growers have to keep a close eye on their CBD to THC ratios. 


Two Trilogene Favorites for Chinese Hemp Growers


When we began working with our Chinese hemp partner, we knew productivity and reliability would be the name of the game.


It was not surprising then that Cherry Sunrise and Maraschino, two Trilogene-bred cultivars developed out of our breeding stock and proven producers in the U.S. hemp industry, rose to the top. Both varietals are feminized to ensure a majority of female-only producing plants.


Cherry Sunrise is renowned as easy to grow and maintain, with a reliable 13.13% CDB percentage and just .18 % THC (a 73 to one CBD to THC ratio). She’s a fast-growing, uniform hybrid, quickly reaching eight to 10 feet at maturity and appropriate for both greenhouse and outdoor growing.  


Maraschino was selected out of our best terpene profiles in 2014, crossed out to other cultivars to breed in striking colors and fantastic bud production. Maraschino produces 14.99% CBD with a .24% THC and a six to 21 THC to CBD ratio. Although she is a little more challenging to grow than Cherry Sunrise, Maraschino is an extremely uniform plant with tight nodes and bud spacing. She can be planted on a four-square foot planting scheme.


To learn more about our approved varietals for Chinese growers, or to inquire about working with us to develop even more high CBD, low THC cultivars prefer for China’s many unique climatic conditions and regions, visit our website – Or email us at or call at 720.204.2945