Hemp has a rich history, and records show that its people have been using it since 8,000 BC! It had been widely used for manufacturing various products. In fact, it was once dubbed as the “billion-dollar crop” in 1937.

However, due to its association with marijuana, it was ultimately banned in 1938. The amazing benefits of this product was hidden from the limelight for a long time. Thankfully, more states have eventually allowed the use of hemp products again.

(Image Source: Pixabay)

Now, despite the fact that supplies are still regulated and limited, we can enjoy the following highly beneficial hemp products.

1. Hemp Extract

This promising product is one of the reasons why hemp is gaining popularity once again. Its main component, cannabidiol (also known as CBD), is rich in antioxidant properties and is helpful in treating Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease as well as various autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses.

However, CBD isn’t just for those who are ill. Healthy individuals can also benefit from it since it can boost the immune system and assist the body with its day-to-day functions. CBD usually comes in oil or tincture form and can be mixed with food or drinks.

2. Hemp Food and Drinks

With our modern world of fast foods and instant meals, getting good nutrition can be challenging. But, with the current rise in popularity of hemp food and drinks, obtaining the nutrients that we need might not be that hard after all.

Popular food products from hemp include hemp seeds, protein powder, granola, flour, and many more. You can also drink hemp milk, tea, coffee, and flavored water. These products are high in essential fatty acids and are rich in protein as well as certain minerals.

3. Hemp Clothing

Hemp fiber is said to be more durable and breathable than cotton, and it’s more eco-friendly and sustainable. There are different hemp clothing products to choose from nowadays such as shirts, jeans, and jackets. You can even buy hemp yoga pants, which can help you stay comfortable as you go through all your daily activities.

4. Hemp Products for Skin and Beauty

Skin and beauty products that are made with hemp-oil are rich in Omega 3, which firms up the skin and delays sagging caused by the aging process. They are also packed with vitamins B,C, and E and amino acids that can help retain moisture and address conditions such as psoriasis. You can find hemp in lotions, lip balms, shampoo, conditioners, sunscreen, facial creams and other products.

5. Hemp Relaxation Products

Most folks face challenges at work or school on a daily basis, so it’s no wonder that a lot of people tend to be easily stressed nowadays. Good thing hemp relaxation products are readily available!

Hemp essential oil is the most popular one and is used to address anxiety and sleeping problems. This can be added to your diffuser or your bathwater. Other hemp products for relaxation include aromatherapy candles, massage oils, and muscle rub ointments.

6. Hemp Car

Yes, you read that right! Hemp can be turned into a car as proven by an entrepreneur from Florida, who created a sports car with the use of hemp plastic, a material that’s considered to be even more durable than steel.

This car is considered to be about five times more environment-friendly than electric cars. It runs on hemp biofuel, which reduces its carbon footprint even more. In our planet’s current environmental state, this hemp car would surely be a great help.

A lot of helpful and amazing products can be made from hemp. You would be surprised by the versatility of this plant when it comes to creating environment-friendly and health-improving products. Hopefully, more states will soon allow its use so more consumers can take advantage of its good benefits.