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Cat Lady

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Parent Strains: Cats Meow Bx3 x Cherry Wine S3

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD-Indica Dominant Hybrid

Potential CBD:THC Ratio: 31:1

*Pre-Harvest CBD: 7.0%, THC: 0.2%

*Post-Harvest CBD: 23.2%, THC: 0.63%

Aroma: Gun smoke and uplifting earthy sweetness.

Flavors: Like a silver bullet shot through a cherry pie and gently slid into your lungs.

Appearance: Dense and high yielding buds with large white and amber hairs that grow like golf balls.

Backstory of Strain: Designed for a consistent punch of CBD extraction efficiency mixed with an edgy combination of enticing flavonoids.

Size & Style: A uniform and even canopy produced naturally with no topping or fimming. She will grow in dry and mid range climates with high altitudes.

Cultivator Datasheet Icon to open PDFPre Harvest COA icon to open PDFPost Harvest COA icon that opens PDFTerpene Profile Icon to open PDF

Size: 10 pack ($3.00 / seed)


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