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Ultra Woman

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Parent Strains: Superwoman TBC #3 x Ultra Violet

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant Hybrid

Potential CBD:THC Ratio: 33:1

*Pre-Harvest CBD: 8.9 %, THC: 0.26%

*Post-Harvest CBD: 14.7%, THC: 0.44%

Aroma: A rare and unique aroma of mixed berry pie fresh out of your Auntie's oven mixed with an oddly satisfying whiff of sweaty gym shorts.

Flavors: A sweet and savory taste of exotic berries in a smoothie mixed with a loud punch of musky undertone.

Appearance: A rare combination of strength and consistency with a beautiful bud structure and pink pistil formation.

Backstory of Strain: Our famed Superwoman (breeders cut) crossed to a terpene rich phenotype of Ultra Violet (Cherry Uno x Purple Rain) designed for a strong performing field variety for smokable hemp flower.

Size & Style: Pink pistil formation with solid internodal spacing and tight bud formation. This variety is all glisten & grease.

Germination Report icon that opens PDFCultivar Datasheet icon that opens PDFPre Harvest COA icon that opens PDFPost Harvest COA icon that opens PDFTerpene Report icon that opens PDF

Size: 10 pack ($3.00 / seed)

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