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Cherry Sunrise

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Parent Strains: Early Bird S3 x Original Cherry S3

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD-Dominant Hybrid

Potential CBD:THC Ratio: 31:1

*Pre-Harvest CBD: 9.2%, THC: 0.2%

*Post-Harvest CBD: 15.1%, THC: 0.49%

Aroma: Sweet pine and cherry citrus with a smokey salmon edge.

Flavors: An earthy sweetness of molasses and maraschino cherries mixed with a smokey and dark roast.

Appearance: Dark green bud structure with a yellow and black fade at the end of the flower cycle. A large yielder and vigorous plant that’s easy to grow.

Backstory of Strain: This plant was created to give people an easy to grow/maintain cultivar that has tremendous vigor & great yield potential. With lineage from CO & OR, this cultivar grows well in many climates.

Size & Style: A fast growing hybrid that demands space and attention. She can be 8+ feet at full maturity. She has large fan leaves & uniform characteristics ideal for outdoor or greenhouse.

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Size: 50 pack ($2.00 / seed)

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