Finally, hemp growers have reliable options in autoflower hemp seeds.

Hemp growers have been eyeballing autoflower hemp for a while. But until this year, there were hardly any decent autoflower cultivars to choose from. Less than five autoflower varietals have been on the market, including one Trilogene introduced in 2018, reliable enough to bother trying. 

That all changes with Trilogene’s powerhouse introduction for 2021 of three, solid high cannabinoid, low-THC autoflower hemp varietals.

Now hemp growers can choose between three autoflower hemp seeds appropriate for biomass or the smokable hemp market.

  • Auto Majik
  • Auto Bot
  • Auto Alpha


Why Autoflower Hemp?

Autoflower hemp offers multiple advantages to professional high cannabinoid hemp growers.

Their quick seed-to-harvest production rate means hemp growers can potentially get in two, even three rotations. Auto Alpha and Auto Bot are ready to harvest in 65 to 75 days from germination. Auto Majik is ready 75 to 90 days after germination.

Growers close to the equator will appreciate our new autoflowering varietals. Unlike traditional hemp cultivars, autoflowering hemp is not photoperiodic. Daylight doesn’t matter to autoflower hemp, giving growers that don’t have much difference between their longest days and nights much more flexibility in planting dates.

Autoflower hemp is a much smaller plant than traditional hemp. Growers can pack a lot more plants into the same space. We suggest a 2’ x 2’ outdoor planting space, less than half the space needed for traditional hemp usually planted at 5’ x 5’ outdoor spacing. 

These two traits combined make autoflower hemp ideal for greenhouse growers. They can be planted densely, conditions can be controlled and multiple rotations can be planted. Or, some growers are following another greenhouse-grown crop with a quick rotation of autoflower hemp.


Why Now for Autoflower Hemp?

The historical problem with autoflower hemp has been low cannabinoid (including flower) production, strains that were liable to go hot over THC limits, and susceptibility to mold and disease.

After breeding and selecting autoflower cultivars since 2017, Trilogene is proud to say we now have three reliably high CBD-producing strains that will stay under THC limits (when grown appropriately) and are tough, reliable high-quality cultivars for professional hemp growers.

  • Auto Majik — CBD dominant with six to 10% CBD and a 37:1 CBD to THC ratio. Auto Magic is a terpene powerhouse, great for smokable hemp. Designed for optimal yield in an 80-day cycle.
  • Auto Alpha — Dense, resin-rich colas and incredibly uniform plants. Auto Alpha is CBD dominant, with a 20-25:1 CBD to TCH ratio. Potential yield of three to six ounces per plant.
  • Auto Bot — Our smallest day-neutral variety, with a smoky flavor and smooth burn. Perfect for cigarette processors. Auto Bot is another CBD-producing autoflower, with six to 10% THC and a 20-25:1 CBD to THC ratio. Excellent for super high-density plantings.

Trilogene’s autoflower hemp seeds are feminized, with a 99 percent (or better) feminization rate. We sell seeds only, autoflower hemp cannot be cloned. (It grows too fast to clone. Don’t let anybody sell you autoflower clones — you just got taken for a ride!).

For more information on our autoflower offerings for 2021, visit our website at Email us at or call at (630) 605-1707.